Becoming More Confident: Simplest Tips on Boosting Self-care and Self-appreciation

Self-appreciation is often linked with the craving to be also appreciated by others as it is a part of human nature, as told by one of the founding fathers of Western psychology, William James. 

Regardless of how somebody else perceives another individual, be it in a positive or a negative way, appreciating oneself should weigh more than how others feel and do towards you. Nowadays, self-care must be on top of everyone’s priority, and given that the entire world’s status right now clearly tells how precious caring for oneself is, people should give more value to tending over the most important aspects of life. 

And with just a few clicks through the web, people can easily go through a lot of ideas on how they can possibly improve their self-confidence – be it by emotional and mental improvement or even by upgrading their physical selves in either the simplest or complex ways there are. Since mental and physical health and wellness often correlate with one another, being able to approach either one can clearly help one’s overall being. 


To help you out on this, here are three of the simplest and easiest tips on self-care that can boost your confidence and self-appreciation: 

  1. Do regular yoga with simple poses. It is no use arguing how physical exercise can help improve one’s health status. Some research states that yoga has been effective in reducing anxiety and improving heart health – and can even work and fight against depression. There are several yoga poses to practice easily at the comfort of one’s own home including raised arm poses, standing forward bend, staff pose, and more. Spice your sessions up with some calming or relaxing music to help you focus as well. A lot of free yoga music have scattered online (such as through YouTube or Spotify), and as well as some simple yoga tutorials from experts with just a little bit of searching. In no time, physical wellness should be evident especially if you’ll make no excuses to doing this activity as often as you could. 
  1. Invest in basic personal grooming. As humans, physical appearance is indeed a vital part of one’s view of confidence. Although the perception of others towards you must not heavily affect how you value yourself at all costs. Being able to invest in personal grooming and improvement should be more about valuing, respecting, and loving yourself more rather than valuing yourself just to avoid bad comments from others. Nonetheless, there are a lot of easy ways to improving your personal or physical wellness such as: 
  • Keeping clean and tidy hair. Also, studies say that protein is beneficial for healthy hair as it is primarily made up of it and can help restore damages. 
  • Wearing fresh and comfortable clothes. You may have already heard the saying “dressing for success” and indeed, it is must help you embrace your best self and seize the day. 
  • Equipping yourself with a great smile. Expressing a genuine smile certainly makes one’s day a lot brighter. Keeping a healthy smile is a must by regularly checking up on your dentist. For a nice set of teeth, some people still prefer traditional braces, but nowadays, invisible braces have been a popular option as one of its advantages includes being more painless compared to the brackets from the traditional ones. 
  1. Value the importance of sleep. With how fast-paced today’s life is, many people, especially adults, have been guilty of not getting enough sleep to be able to maximize everyday efficiency. Some studies also reveal that over 70 types of different sleep disorders are being experienced by 40 million Americans. Sleep is just as vital as exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. That’s why as contradicting that it may sound, people must have enough sleep to be more productive and concentrate well than losing sleep just to have a lot of work done. Moreover, sleep strengthens the body’s immune system so it is highly important with one’s self-care. 

Being more aware and curious of how to compose and improve your physical self and confidence does not necessarily mean being vain or making it the focus of who you are as a person. More than anything else, cherishing life does not only revolve around cultivating your social, mental, and emotional health but as well as being mindful of your physical health. In achieving full confidence to face life, one must keep themselves together – at times that they can – and carry life with head up high. Make sure to be easy on yourself through all these processes.


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