Top 5 K-Drama Recommendations Available on Netflix

It’s no use arguing that the Korean Drama fever have really infected us all in one way or another. These TV shows or dramas made from Korea have really gotten many of us hooked because of their relatable and gripping storylines. Moreover, the filmography aesthetic of these shows have obviously made each episodes more enticing to get lost watching at.

This post is a list of my personal favorites if you are looking for more K-Drama recommendations right now, or perhaps, you have never watched one ever… why, though? Kidding! That’s why I’m here to recommend my top 5 K-Drama shows you can easily find on Netflix! I have already watched these shows myself, and from my own opinion, this list that you’re about to see has been my ultimate favorites as of late. This list I’ve made is a great mix of K-Dramas with very different genres in comparison with one another, therefore it will give you a lot of different flavors of stories which is for me, an essential ingredient to film entertainment.


A/N: I have linked each drama from this list from Netflix. Click on the title to be redirected easily! 🙂

1. Reply 1988

This show is a family-oriented storyline with a little bit of romance which is about a group of five friends namely Sung Duk-seon (the only girl in the group), Choi Taek, Seong Sun-woo, Kim Jung-hwan, and Ryu Dong-ryong. They are living in the same street of Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Northern Seoul together with their families way back year 1988.
The story mainly tells about the teenage lives of these main protagonists and their filial bonds. What’s interesting about this drama is how it is light and heavy at the same time due to the fact that in every family lies different stories that would both warm our hearts and sadden us all at once.
So, if you’re searching for a comforting K-Drama that would inspire your emotions and touch your heart, do check this one out.

2. It’s Okay Not to be Okay

This show is a romance and a family K-Drama which is about the life of siblings named Moon Gang-tae who is a psych ward caretaker and Moon Sang-tae who has autism and is Gang-tae’s older brother. Starring also is a rich antisocial children’s book writer named Ko Moon-young who later develops an ‘obsession’ towards Gang-tae which eventually leads them to become romantic interests.
I loved this K-Drama because more than anything else, it talks about people’s mental health. Aside from Sang-tae’s autism disability which Gang-tae has to deal with for his life since they have no family to rely on, Moon-young’s antisocial personality disorder is something that this show has also took a light upon on. Many are still ignorant and sees mental health disorder as something that is insubstantial. But in reality, just like any physical health disorders, mental health disorder really takes a toll on people who are affected of it. That’s why I loved how this show has also focused on spreading awareness in related to this issue aside from giving viewers just mere entertainment.


3. The World of the Married

Let’s now take a break to the light K-Dramas and head on to something that will boil our bloods up (lol!). But kidding aside, I have included this one because even if it revolves around the story of love affairs and betrayals which would evidently ruin a once happy and complete family, it will also tell us great lessons about faithfulness towards your significant other, your so-called ‘friends‘ loyalty to you in times of trouble, and how everything that we do in life has its consequences and karmas.
The main characters in this story includes Ji Sun-wo, a professional Doctor and an associate director at Family Love Hospital who is also a wife to an aspiring director named Lee Tae-oh. They do have a son named Lee Joon-young which ties their small family together. However, it is when a beautiful young woman named Yeo Da-kyung came into the picture that has teared their family apart.
To be honest, this show is not recommended to those with a faint of heart. But at least, if you need something to awaken your nerves today, do try to check this one out and see for yourself on how much interesting yet infuriating it will be to you.

4. Hotel del Luna

Now, we are going towards a supernatural kind of K-Drama where it revolves around an immortal hotel owner named Jang Man-wol who you would love to stare at because of her elegant taste in fashion, and Gu Chan-sung, a Harvard MBA graduate who unexpectedly became the new general manager of the Hotel del Luna and eventually becomes the romantic interest of Man-wol.
For starters, Hotel del Luna is not your usual kind of hotel. It is a supernatural hotel which only admit guests that are “ghosts”– specifically those that have died in unforeseen events and has unfinished businesses that they need to settle before they could completely leave the human world.
This show would give a lot of mixed vibes, including ancient Korean history, horror (because of the ghosts), a little bit of comedy, and of course, romance because of Jang Man-wol and Gu Chan-sung’s undeniable chemistry.

5. Start-Up

Finally, we’re down to the last K-Drama recommendation I have on our list. This show is really interesting and would definitely inspire a lot of people from new generation who’s thinking of establishing their own start-up businesses.
The story of this K-Drama is all about the friends named Nam Do-san, Lee Chul-san, and Kim Yong-san and their dreams of becoming one of the best tech experts in Korea by establishing a start-up business and competing in the business competition program hosted by the fictional Silicon Valley of Korea called the Sandbox. Starring also is Seo Dal-mi, a young girl who as well has big dreams for herself and her grandmother– to become the Steve Jobs of Korea. There is also Han Ji-pyeong, the team leader at SH Venture Capital which has been called as “the Gordon Ramsay of investments” because of his excellent investment skills which lead him to be on the top of his game.


If you have decided to watch any of these K-Dramas from the list, do tell us in the comments! Likewise if you’ve watched all or any of the shows mentioned, please do share your thoughts and reviews for everyone. Happy binge-watching!

3 thoughts on “Top 5 K-Drama Recommendations Available on Netflix

  1. I have just finished watching the K-Drama ‘Alice’. It is my first Korean drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Without spoiling any of the plot, Alice is set in 2050 and is the base from which time travellers nip back to earlier times to sort out ‘issues’ they had before.
    I’ve downloaded several of the songs from the series and found the whole delivery of the K-Drama very moving. Both light-hearted and sad at the same time. Highly recommended.
    Having learnt a smattering of Korean from the owner and staff of a local restaurant in my earlier years, hearing the language and intonation took me right back to that time and although I only now remember how to say ‘hello’, it still has the surprise factor when meeting travellers from that country. And possibly my accent isn’t that good either!


  2. Ok, so on your recommendation I have just watched Hotel del Luna. What a beautiful story! What great acting! What beautiful clothes!
    As dust in your eyes makes them water, my room must have been dusty on every episode!



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