Game Review: Little Nightmares II

Released last February 11 of 2021, Little Nightmares has once again took over the horror gaming scene with its second part four years later. Not only it gives us a brand-new terrifying journey to survival, but as well as new characters to meet and a storyline to tell.

Developed once again by Tarsier Studios and produced by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Little Nightmares II is all about a young fella named Mono and his daunting trip to a world of The Pale City where a devious “Signal Tower” from afar has seemed to be in control of the world under. In this journey, Mono will be accompanied with the game’s first part protagonist Six, who’s primarily introduced as a hungry little girl in a yellow coat.


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A/N: The following playthrough summary and review may contain major game spoilers.


The Wilderness

In this game, Mono would begin by traveling alone in the Wilderness, as he try to shun the bear traps prepared by some unknown being that lurks in the midst of a chilling dark forest. As soon as he gets past the first few murderous traps and finally uniting with Six,
then they will meet the suspect behind a gent on a newsboy cap, masked with a worn out sack, and wearing a full-body army façade the Hunter introduces himself to our heroes by aiming a kill with his shotgun.

The Hunter

Mono and Six must be able to survive the hunting by running as quick as their little feet could get them, and then docking behind the bushes of leaves and scattered crates found in the middle of this dark wilderness. However, the Hunter’s sense of smell is his best tool along with the power of his fatal shotgun. It really is a challenge for Mono and Six to survive the first round.

In a twist of fate of the duo’s luck, they will find another shotgun in a small hut that will eventually lead to the death of the Hunter.


The School

As though emphasizes the thrill that schools have been implanted to children’s minds,
after the Wilderness comes the School where a new set of adversaries are bound to cross the path of Mono and Six.

The hallways of the School are dark and full of trigger traps assembled by the Bullies.
Mono and Six could easily get through these booby traps of these naughty school children, but the worst is yet to come their way. As soon as the duo gets inside the classroom, they’ll finally meet the Teacher, a tall woman with a creeping smile drawn on her face as though no amount of misbehavior should leave her aid unmanaged.

The Teacher
The Bullies

In the middle of tip-toeing to avoid the eyes of the Teacher,
Mono and Six were taken aback when they eventually gets caught.

The rumors has been deemed true at this point that no one can run away from the Teacher’s vile guidance as her neck stretches as long and long as the duo could ever imagine. The chase eventually ends up in a lingering obscurity of the School’s vent, when the duo thought they could finally get away from her. But then they are surprised by how her relentless chunk of a neck could stretch as far, as though she’s never going to lose the fight without eating up the two.

It ends when Mono and Six gets to an area where the Teacher could no longer seize them.
Technically beaten, but the fact of the matter is that the Teacher has never died in this level.


The Hospital

Hospitals couldn’t get any scarier as this game introduces another level of fright for both Mono and Six.

In this level, darkness would evidently prevail on their journey. And in the midst of every inch of this dark hospital lurks the Patients the creatures found mostly bedridden in many hospitals, but this time, they attack.

The Patient

These patients hide in the dark, so it’s important that Mono must keep ahold of his flashlight as it seemed like the patients are afraid of its luminosity. Most of the patients are crippled, but they do have the skill to sprint before the duo once they turns off the flashlight. There are no way to kill these opponents but to keep them stunned with light as the duo escapes.

Of course, hospitals are not hospitals without the Doctor to treat the patients.

The Doctor

The world is turned upside down, literally, with the Doctor crawling up to the ceiling of the hospital rooms.
With his big hands and his disfigured face, the Doctor does not look so pleasing to any patients and visitors alike at all.

Nevertheless, the Doctor sees to it that he has attended to all of his patients meticulously.
Mono and Six wouldn’t want to get caught by him or they could be his next patient, or a victim, rather.
But in due course, the Doctor would chase down the duo to show them their miserable demise. Unfortunately, he will see his own through the hands of Mono and Six, as they were able to corner and grill him to death.


The Pale City

After surviving the Hospital, Mono and Six are now to face the outside world called the Pale City.

Here they will meet many, many television Viewers who are seemed to be so enticed by what they see on this flashing box. Take it away from them and it will seem like you’ve stolen their only source of life so get ready to get attacked.

The Viewers

It is a tad bit ironic that the Viewers does not have eyes to begin with. Many players have theorized that the Signal Tower is what makes these creatures so chained and obsessed to the television, as if it was a sort of bewitching to control the entire Pale City. The television really plays a significant role in this game as it can be used by Mono as a portal to travel from places to places, making it a great tool to escape some vicious opponents.

Mono and Six’s journey must now be continued, as they try their best to avoid being hunted by the Viewers.
Needless to say, this tactic would not come to fruition, as they will eventually have to destroy many televisions to proceed their journey in which an obvious way to get the Viewers mad. It is yet another fun game of chasing. Soon on their progress, the mobs of now enraged Viewers are bound to kill Mono and Six, but to no avail.

The Signal Tower

The previous level has ended with the Thin Man from the television chases down Mono.
Mono has seemed to lose Six in the middle of this journey, hoping she’s still alive, and quite soon in this level, he’ll know where Six has gone to.

The Thin Man

The Thin Man is a really dull tall figure with a hat on, wearing what seems like a casual clothing.
Throughout the game, he is seen each time Mono gets inside a television, and as soon as the Thin Man reaches out for Mono, it was as if Six pulls him back out to save him.


Ending Playthrough Summary

In this level, Mono finally enters the Signal Tower in an attempt to unravel whatever curse that lingers inside.
There are a lot of puzzles to figure out inside the Signal Tower, including tricky hallways and doors.

Soon after successfully solving the puzzles, Mono will then discover a giant version of Six inside a room. She will be seen playing a large music box and holding dear onto it. Mono’s mission is to destroy the music box, but it will enrage the monstrosity of Six. In contrast to the friendship they’ve made all throughout their journey,
Six will chase down Mono in attempt to kill her music box destroyer.

After destroying the music box, Six eventually changes back to her normal size. This leads to the Signal Tower crumbling to destruction. The two of them must run to save their lives.

Yet another twist comes as Six betrays Mono by letting go of his hand in the edge of falling.
Mono will fall down to a surrounding filled with nasty flesh. He will then find a seat to stand up on, revealing that all along, Mono is the Thin Man.


After many years of waiting for the Little Nightmare’s second part, it was indeed worth the wait as this horror video game has evidently proved a work of art. Ever since, Little Nightmares have made many of its players think so deeply of what lies beyond the surface of the gameplay storyline. Many players come up on their own theories and stories about whatever message does the game actually reveal.

Most theories I’ve read is that the Pale City and the Signal Tower represents how a community could be so controlled and blinded by technology and its toxic governance. The Viewers in this game would be seen so attached to the televisions that destroying it or simply turning it off will disgust and anger them. To be honest, I kind of agree to that particular theory. Our lives these days are mostly about being run by all of these technologies around us. Our gadgets, the internet, software, applications, and so on.
Real life may not seem like as dark and devious as how it’s portrayed in the game,
but the metaphor of it would seem so the same if only you’ll look as close.

Mono and Six’s alliance in the majority of the gameplay is something that I have personally enjoyed.
They have truly fulfilled the game’s title “Little Nightmares” being the main character with such little features yet have such brave hearts to face the corruption and wickedness of the filthy world they need survive in.

I do wish that we will be able to see them again on the next parts of the game if there will be any.

I would rate Little Nightmares II a 10/10.
From the storyline, the amount of fear and thrill, the characters and animations, up to the puzzles designed to solve in between, this game is truly a masterpiece. I do look forward to many more parts that this game could offer even if it could take another four years from now.


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