Game Review: Little Nightmares I

If you feel like challenging yourself into a horror video game today,
Little Nightmares would be a perfect recommendation for you.

Developed by Tarsier Studios and produced by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Little Nightmares follow
the horrifying adventure of Six,
the “hungry child” main character in a tiny yellow coat, who have to survive a dark world called The Maw.
She has to escape the hands of the filthy and dangerous antagonists that she encounters along the way including:


The Guests

Eternally-starving creatures who’d eat any tasty thing they can touch. They are the guests of the ship and The Lady thinks so highly of them.

The Janitor

A tall, yet short-legged creature who has a mighty long stretchy arms. It likes being in the dark. It can see more in the dark.


Leeches do what they got to do— to leech the life out of their bloody victims.

The Twin Chefs

The kitchen is their playground, and the existence of any unwelcomed visitor would sure be added to their next menu.


Playful nomes can be of huge help to Six at times, but these little fellas rarely survive on their own. They also help Six quench her hunger.

The Lady

The captain of the ship, the boss of the filths— the Lady would banish anyone who would jeopardize her territory.


What got me so hooked into this horror game is that the protagonist, Six, would seem to be like a fragile child
who wouldn’t even survive the moment she steps out of her lair. She’s thin and small, and is apparently powerless. To add, she doesn’t even have any weapon to use! But then she goes out to prove it wrong by single-handedly defeating all of the dangerous creatures who would not think twice of munching her to death.

As you play along, most of the time, the puzzles and storyline that’s tied to the game would intrigue you.
You may come up with questions on your head about the dark world that these grim beasts live in, as though there would be some sort of back stories behind everyone you’ll see— even Six herself.

Who is she? What is she?
Why is every character has this frightening disfigured physical appearances? Were they been experimented on?
Were they once normal people with normal lives who have been trapped
into The Maw by the crazy, powerful hands of The Lady?


There’s been a lot of crazy theories all over the internet about each of the character’s storylines,
however none of them would suffice until the developers would be the one to tell. But I guess that’s always been a fun part to video games such as the Little Nightmares. The mystery that lies beneath the world called The Maw, the puzzling
vagueness of how the characters ended up being them… answers would be up to the player’s imaginations.

From my perspective, or from my “theory” about this horror game in general,
Little Nightmares’ theme is about a big metaphor of life. We are all a Six living in a dark world where no one
is really accountable of helping us survive. There would be characters— dark ones— around us every time that could potentially hurt us in one way or another. These dark opponents will always have their way to inflict pain.
And us, as a tiny little child in a yellow coat, is bound to fight the monsters whether we like it or not.
It may be because we want to be able to feel a certain amount of freedom, or maybe to just merely survive.
We’d also meet people who can help us along the way of our journey, but you’ll never know when they’ll leave, or even if they really are an ally or an enemy hiding behind a mask. Most enemies would hurt you directly. But nothing hurts more than a sweet
touch from a so-called friend.

But that’s just me. And that’s just my overly dramatic theory.

The overall gameplay is terrifying and also definitely stimulating.
In between Six’s journey, there would be puzzles on how should she be able to reach a certain checkpoint of the game. The items found on the game would really be maximized, as anything could be a useful tool for her to survive up to the next level.
Managing to survive the levels would need a lot of thinking, and as well as a lot of courage to face the ghastly opponents.

For me, the most terrifying level amongst all of Six’s encounter would be, of course, The Lady.
Judging from her appearance, it is obvious that she has the most “normal” one out of every monsters around.
But then, she was the most powerful which makes her the scariest to battle with. She is elegant and quiet, yet her powers would beyond doubt terrorize Six.
[Spoiler…] By the end of The Lady and Six’s fight, the latter wins by “eating” her. I guess Six isn’t really a frail little child after all, and indeed, she’s definitely hungry.

I would rate this game a dashing 10/10. It has absolutely become an all-time favorite horror game of mine.
The game’s interface may be simple, but I like the way it makes you think of ways to be resourceful in order to survive the levels.
Jump scares are also an additional point for me (of all horror games on that matter). No matter we hate
to feel a bit of a heart attack during jump scares, it obviously adds a lot more fun during gameplay. And the Little Nightmares didn’t fail to give us just that— and more.


If you’ve finished this game and seem to want more, then I have a good news.
Little Nightmares II has already been launched as of writing. The initial release was last December 9, 2020, but has been officially released internationally last February 10, 2021. A lot from the gaming community has already
had their fair share of playthrough with the Little Nightmares II as of writing. I, myself, have enjoyed it as well!

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