Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Manage Your First Few Shopee Buyers

You have finally decided to start an online business through Shopee, so as a beginner, you’ve probably searched for
tutorials on how to create a Shopee store account (which I could help! Click my easy yet detailed tutorial on how to create a Shopee online store HERE).

After successfully establishing your store, it is the wait for interested customers that you think about.
How would the shipping process be? How will I have my waybill printed? How about the packages?

In this post, we will cover all the basic and necessary information you would need to know
as you receive your first Shopee order.


1: Receiving Your First Order

Usually, the Shopee team will be sending you a notification email once a customer has confirmed an order from your shop.
The email should look like the one I displayed above. It contains the buyer information and the product details.

By this moment, you must now prepare the order which leads us to the next step.

2: Preparing the Order

In terms of the packaging, my tip would be to first buy few pieces from other online stores. It is because for your first few orders, you would need to have your own stock of packaging pouch.
Measure your products/items’ dimensions so you’d know which size of packaging pouch to buy.
If you have small, medium, and/or large products in size, then purchase packaging that could fit your products.

Sample packaging pouch

This isn’t generally necessary, but if your item is fragile and needed extra care while in shipment, then I’d say
you should also invest in bubble wraps or cartons to protect your parcel.

Some couriers would also be generous to hand you few pouches if you’ll politely ask.


Once you have the order securely packed, it’s time to print out your waybill.
But what is a waybill?

For beginners, a waybill is the product receipt you include in your parcel which identifies all the details needed by you, the customer, and the courier. Usually, waybills are in a form of a sticker paper where it’s advisable to attach it through the external packaging of your parcel for easy and clear detail reference.

So how are waybills printed?

Thermal Printers are the most common tool used by online sellers to print out their waybills. You can also find these through online or physical stores, depending on where you’d look.
Of course, you’ll also need the thermal (sticker) paper for this, so my tip would be to buy the thermal printer on shops where they also sell the thermal papers. It could save you with shipping fees.

But I don’t have the budget to buy such expensive tool. I’m a first timer!

It is a given fact that in business, you must have all your capital/operating expenses aligned before you jump in.
There will be many costs to starting a business so it is best to have that in mind.

Nonetheless, most couriers print out your waybills for you, if you’re lucky.
My experience with the J&T Express courier whenever they come to pick up my parcels is that they often come with a printed out waybill for me in cases that I haven’t done that on my own. However, this situation mostly only happen if your order/s are really few. For huge/bulk orders, it is best to print out your waybills by yourself.


3: Schedule a Pick-up for the Order

Arrange the shipment of the order by scheduling the pick-up date of your desire.
It is important that the order/parcel is completely ready before booking the shipment so there will be no delays, errors, or violations on your end.

Afterwards, the pickup details will be sent to you for your reference.

Now you just have to wait until the courier arrives on your scheduled date. Once they arrive, hand the parcel and they may ask few questions for order verification. You can also take a photo as they receive your parcel (if they permit you to).

They will also hand you a small receipt as an indication that your parcel has been picked-up. You can store this receipt anywhere you’d like so you may have a reference in case of things go out of hand (hopefully, not!) in the future. Just be mindful of these things for your own protection as the seller.


4: Track Your Parcel

Tracking your parcel would be via the Shopee app.
Through there, you will be able to know the status of the shipment from pick-up until successful delivery to your Customer’s address.

5: Receiving Your First Profit/Income

Receiving your first profit or buyer’s payment will depend on which payment method has the buyer opted to as they order on your store. Most of the time, they choose the COD (Cash on Delivery) method.

So in this case, your first (and coming) profit/income will be credited to your registered bank account once the buyer confirms order receipt on his/her end. Worst case is that many buyers often forget this important step. If that happens, you should wait up to 5 business days before Shopee will automatically credit your income.

Eventually, you will be able to withdraw your hard-earned money.

Here is an example of the income overview from the Finance menu/setting. In here, you will see your income report and statements for your reference on how much you’ve earned on selling in Shopee.


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