5 Ways to Take Extra Care of Yourself During Tough Times (Self-care Tips)

There are moments when we feel like we could conquer the world, but as much as we want to avoid it,
there are also those days when we don’t even want to face the day.

Times like today are far more challenging to everyone’s mental and physical health.
With the current pandemic that the entire world’s in, the regular days we’ve had before would be incomparable as to how it is right now. It would be tough to be positive as much as we want to. But we only have ourselves to rely on.
We have to keep in mind that taking extra care of ourselves should be our priority— physically and mentally.

Nonetheless, let me show you five easy ways to take extra care of yourself during tough times.


1: Start with cleaning your own room.

Cleaning your room would be laborious, I could tell.
It takes a lot of physical effort to move around and swipe off dusts everywhere. But cleaning your environment is proven effective to lessen the burden that a person feels during tough times.
Change your bed and pillow sheets, sweep/vacuum the floor, wipe your mirror, shelves. and windows, and then tidy your closet.
You’d feel relief afterwards, knowing that things around you is neat, polished, and in place. You can also listen to music while you do all these.
It’s nice to get yourself busy yet productive, and you’ll definitely have that satisfying feeling afterwards.

2: Take a shower.

Simple as it sounds, but taking a shower sometimes takes a lot of toll on us.
On days when you don’t want to move a muscle, cleansing yourself would be one of the things we don’t want to do as well.
But I hope you do this step, really, because there’s nothing like coming out of the shower feeling so refreshed and clean as though you could once again take over the world.


3: Skin-care is a must, so hydrate.

Skin-care is a most-often heard activity nowadays. It usually involves doing so many steps and routines with many products that could improve the health of your skin, specifically on the face. Skin-care shouldn’t have to be a difficult and expensive activity.
If you found yourself lacking of these many great products that you see people indulge themselves online,
do know that it doesn’t take hundred dollars to maintain a healthy skin— when you can hydrate.
That’s right. Drink your water often. It will help cleanse you from the inside, in which could reflect on the outside.
So don’t forget to get hydrated! It’s the most important yet cheapest skin-care routine we could all do.

4: Do a social media detox.

Social media, how can we even get started on this?
With so many unrealistic expectations we see on these social media feeds, it is no doubt to be a great contributor to everyone’s anxiety.
Why is she doing so much better than me? Why is he so rich? They must have a perfect life!
Let me tell you one thing: what you see from others in social media is what they only want you to see.
It’s only the surface of everyone’s life. The happy ones, the picture-perfect ones, the flawless ones— it may not be deception, but there are moments in each of our lives that we never put up on social media for people to see.
That’s why you shouldn’t feel less of a person when you see a lot of things in social media that you seem to lack at.
Do yourself this big favor. Detoxify yourself at times by logging-off the internet every once in a while.


5: Sleep. Don’t deprive yourself with it.

How many times have we choose to binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows and stay up ’til 3am than to go to sleep on time?
Aren’t we all guilty of this?
You should also realize the power of a complete sleep has. Going to bed on time may take so much pressure on you that you can’t fall asleep no matter you do, but as long as you know how important it is to your overall health,
it is may be the time to slowly teach and shift your bodyclock into a certain (and right) sleep schedule that would help you be energized by the next day.

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Self-care doesn’t always have to be received from others. The more we seek it from
those who only disappoints, the more we’d lack of it and the more we will pity ourselves.
Pursuing everybody’s validation is an obvious way to self-destruct.
To be completely honest, narcissistic people care more about themselves than to spend a flying second
thinking about you. So it would help to think about what can you do to improve yourself and your life,
and stop thinking about what you can change to be able to be liked by others.
More than anything, we are the ones who can only help ourselves.
Simple things such as the tips mentioned above are few of what we need most of the time without knowing it.
In the midst of this chaotic world, we always look for comfort and peace of mind.
May you finally find yourself to be your own comfort and peace.

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