Pinterest: How to Organize Your Life More with Pinterest

I can’t imagine somebody who haven’t been on Pinterest to
download phone or desktop wallpapers, easy-to-cook recipes, motivational quotations to fuel up your day, and so on.
I mean, Pinterest is a place where anything you have in mind could be found!


But do you know that in Pinterest, you may also be able to organize many aspects
in your life simply by adding boards, notes, and sections to your very own Pinterest account?
Let me show you how to be able to organize your life more with the use of a now more personalize Pinterest.
This tutorial would be from the desktop version, but it also works 100% from the mobile app version
so don’t you worry!

Step One: Create Board

Pinterest: Home page

Initially, you may need to log-in to your personal Pinterest account to start.
I would assume that you already had this settled so let’s continue!
From the Pinterest home page, many shared photos would likely be shown to you based on your preferences.
For instance, what you have in mind right now is to create a board that’s related to casual outfit ideas, then feel free to type in by the search bar above. Afterwards, a lot of outfit photos would be displayed.
Choose whichever ones you desire, hover your pointer over the photo, and click on “+ Create Board” button.

Create Board

Once clicked, you may now create your board that’s all about casual outfit ideas.
Fill in the create board form, hit “Create“, and voila! You’re done.
You may also switch the “Secret” button on if you wish to be more private about your boards.


Step Two: Boards


To be able to see all of your boards, assuming you’ve made more than just the casual outfit ideas one,
click on your profile at the top right corner to be redirected.
In this page, you’ll see all of the boards you’ve made and be able to organize them freely based on your preferences.

Drag and Drop

If you need some boards to be on the top of others, it is also possible to drag and drop your boards to organize them.
Simply click hold on your desired board, drag them to a position you want amongst all the other boards, and then drop.
That way, your boards will be way more organized.

Step Three: Add more ideas on your board

If you feel like adding more photos to your specific board, click on it and scroll down to see a section
where you may be able to add more ideas to that board.

Click on this section and you’ll find more photos that you can add on to your board.
More ideas, more references, more fun!


Step Four: Adding Notes and Sections

What’s more fun about these is that you may be able to add more sections inside a board,
and put in notes like your own diary, reminders, or blog. It’s really up to you!
Personally, I’ve found adding sections useful because it’s basically an option to add sub-boards inside main boards
to make your experience more neat and personalized, and a life more organized.

Add Section

In adding section/s, you would need to enter your desired section name and then click “Add” button.
For instance, you’d like to add a section of formal attires inside the outfit ideas board to be able
to have a separate section wherein all of the photos you’d see are only for formal attires.


Add your photo inspirations on this board, and you’re done!

Add Notes

In adding notes on your boards, click the “Note” button wherein a page will open for you to write down
anything you have in mind about this board. As for example, you can write a note
to remind you about shopping for the clothes inspired on your outfit board.

I guess we’ve covered everything related to organizing your life more with the help
of Pinterest. I hope that by adding boards according to your preferences, it may help you be more mindful of your
goals, inspirations, and gentle reminders in how you want to shape your life.

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5 thoughts on “Pinterest: How to Organize Your Life More with Pinterest

  1. Cool post! I love organizing my interests and goals on Pinterest 😍💕 it can be easy to scroll for hours and hours looking at funnies and beautiful lol. But I love Pinterest the most when it’s helping me reach my goals!



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