Dulaang UP 2016: “Tisoy Brown: Ang Hari Ng Wala”

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                     The University of the Philippine’s Dulaang UP presents another theatrical play for the celebration of its 40th year and as well as being a significant part of the UP Diliman Month: Panahon ng Luwalhati. For this present year of 2016, Dulaang UP offers the play entitled “Tisoy Brown: Ang Hari ng Wala” and is directed by Mr. Jose Estrella. “Tisoy Brown: Ang Hari ng Wala” is an adaptation of a Norwegian stage play “Peer Gynt” written by a Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen. The protagonist Tisoy Brown was portrayed by Paolo O’Hara, however is played in alternation by another Filipino actor Ryan Sese.


                        It was on February 20, 2016 (Thursday) when our Humanities class at Polytechnic University of the Philippines – San Juan have been able to watch the said play “Tisoy Brown: Ang Hari ng Wala” in Palma Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City. The play began at 10:00AM and has ended at 12:00PM – the duration of time that is enough to conclude that the play is indeed a masterpiece and is worth not just the money, but as well as for an extraordinary stage play experience.

                        To begin, I would like to mention how the actors and actresses have portrayed their characters excellently. Each of them has owned the entire show. There were no dull scenes; therefore making it difficult to look away and miss a single act. In this show, Paolo O’Hara has played the role of Tisoy Brown. Tisoy Brown, in my own personal description of him, is an overly self-centered man who has the highest dreams of becoming the “best” in life; although does not have any knowledge of who is he at all – in contrast to how he strongly claim himself to be. Tisoy Brown, a lone yet valiant man who is scarred of poverty but nevertheless hoped to be an “emperor” as how he declared to his old loving mother. Tisoy Brown, the one who have gone through the worst of all in life, and yet has been brave enough to face all of his trials. Tisoy Brown, a man of egoistic principle and yet at the end of the day, has realized that all the battles he has went has never been single-handedly won by him – but rather because of a woman’s faithful love for him all along despite of how tragic it has lead him to lost his track in life.


                        As I’ve said, each actors and actress have put so much passion to their acting in order to give the viewers the worth and value of what they’ve paid for. And I am not disappointed. To mention, how they have delivered their lines are clear and has therefore made the scenes more understandable. In addition, the fact that they have used such strong vulgarity have made the show more realistic and unsuppressed to have their actual feelings show – and that in all sense have brought a deeper feeling for characters and viewers alike to be in the moment. I have also tried to observe how they enacted the smallest of their movements, which I really think is important, and they have it well-performed. With the delivering of both the lines and the acting, I can say that the actors and actresses are all worthy and commendable to be receiving such positive remarks, reactions, and support from the audiences.

Furthermore, to emphasize the various scenes that are shown in the stage play; I would want to give remark to some significant scenes that has given such strong impact to us, viewers, as we watch the entire show. One thing that I would always remember is with how the characters have managed to put us viewers into the scene as they walk along the stairway beside the seats of the audiences. It was amazing because as I can clearly remember, as the characters walked by beside the audiences’ seats, they have successfully frightened us by staring right onto our faces to our surprise. It was hilarious; but I have to give them commend on that for bringing such interactive stage play presence.

                        From the actors and actresses’ brilliant performances, I would also like to put into acknowledgment of how the show has been made so fantastic and flawless by those people behind it. The props used in the stage play are very impressive. It was apparently created with full effort to be able to make the show satisfying for us viewers. The details used for each prop was fairly appealing; adding up the lighting, the music, and the background graphics.


                        To conclude, I have utterly enjoyed the play “Tisoy Brown: Ang Hari ng Wala. Each scene is a masterpiece and is brilliant, at least to me. I also think that every audience has felt same ways as me after having to watch such kind of theatrical act. I have appreciated all the effort, professionalism, and passion that each characters and the staff/crew has given and brought to us audience in order to perfect the play and give us a satisfying or moreover a flawless show.

The fact that I was greatly pleased by the show, I am thinking of going back for the next Dulaang UP show in which I expect on 2017.


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